CBD For Bodybuilding

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CBD can help with natural bodybuilding, but you must first find quality products and understand the areas where it has the most impact. Some people take CBD as a pre-workout, while others use it to relieve pain and soreness after a strenuous session. The potential benefits of regular CBD products, which you easily buy here, are used for consistent workouts and bodybuilding. Here’s an overview of CBD, how it works, and how it can help with bodybuilding:

How Does CBD Work?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is an active compound (cannabinoid) found in hemp and cannabis plants. The compound is among many cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, CBV, and THC. CBD isn’t psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t produce a euphoric high like THC. The compound is legal in many places, including the US and UK. CBD comes in forms like oil, e-liquid, gummies, edibles, and topical creams/lotions. When consumed or vaped, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and attaches to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a robust network of neurotransmitters and receptors that regulate body homeostasis. By impacting the ECS, CBD can result in various changes and benefits, including pain relief, anti-inflammation, and sleep promotion. The compound has been touted as an alternative treatment for many conditions, although the FDA doesn’t approve sellers making any claims about curing anything.

Can CBD Build Muscles?

CBD can indirectly aid the muscle-building process through a number of benefits, like faster recovery, better sleep, and boosted energy. According to some studies, CBD has anti-catabolic properties and can offer an alternative to anti-catabolic supplements that bodybuilders use. Bodybuilders often use anabolic supplements to increase the levels of anabolic hormones, which aid protein synthesis and promote muscle growth. They also use anti-catabolic supplements to inhibit the production of catabolic hormones, which are known to cause muscle loss. CBD doesn’t have anabolic properties but can help reduce the production of catabolic hormones by binding to the CB receptors in the ECS. The compound may also help to regulate metabolism and appetite and come without side effects when taken in moderation. Bodybuilders can take CBD to reduce their reliance on anti-catabolic supplements like creatine and HMB. However, some of these supplements also offer anabolic benefits.

How Can CBD Help With Bodybuilding?

While CBD has many potential benefits for bodybuilders, its main help is antiinflammation. Working out results in an inflammatory process that features pain, swelling, heat, and loss of function. Inflammation is a required immune process that kicks in to protect the body from harmful microorganisms. Acute short-term inflammation kills foreign bodies and removes the debris produced during workouts. Inflammation also helps to repair damaged cells. However, chronic inflammation that takes weeks or months without stopping can cause muscle breakdown and inhibit muscle growth. The condition can also increase the likelihood of arthritis and Alzheimer’s. CBD products have anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce the swelling and redness associated with intense workouts. Below are more ways CBD can help bodybuilders:

  • Improved Muscle Recovery: CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent chronic inflammation and aid muscle recovery. Unlike NSAIDs, CBD doesn’t hinder muscle growth.
  • Better Sleep and Rest: Regular CBD use can help ease restlessness and improve sleep quality. CBD can also relieve pain and help you get better rest, which is required to synthesize protein in your muscles.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: CBD can help relieve stress, anxiety, and panic disorders, which are known to raise the level of cortisol. The stress hormone inhibits muscle growth and leads to low concentration and motivation.
  • Boosted Energy Levels: CBD can help regulate insulin production and blood sugar levels, allowing you to burn more glucose and produce more energy for your workout. The cannabinoid also increases focus.
  • Better Weight Management: CBD can increase leptin levels in the brain, which helps you feel full. This is great news for weight watchers looking to keep their body fat percentage low for more defined bodybuilding.

Which CBD Is Good For Bodybuilding?

Choosing CBD products for bodybuilding can be overwhelming, given the many options. CBD is available in various forms, including tinctures that you apply under the tongue, oils and capsules you can swallow,e-liquids you can vape, and edibles you eat. Each mode of delivery has unique benefits and drawbacks, and no specific option is suitable for everybody. Some people prefer vaping because the CBD effects hit much faster. Others don’t want the impact of heat on their lungs or find oils and edibles more practical in their lives. Edibles take longer to kick in because they pass through the digestive system and must wait for absorption. Bodybuilders can experiment with different delivery modes to find one that works for them. Below are other things to consider when choosing CBD products for bodybuilding:

  • Look for quality CBD products from licensed, certified manufacturers
  • Review the third-party lab testing certificates for each CBD product you buy
  • Determine the proper dosage by starting low and working your way up
  • Choose full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD with no more than 0.3% THC

How Do I Take CBD For Bodybuilding?

If you’re new to CBD use, take only a small amount and gauge its impact. Consider talking to your doctor and fitness coach if you have any known allergies or conditions. You don’t need a large amount to get the required benefits. A general rule of thumb is to take 1-6 milligrams for every 10 pounds of your weight daily. You can start with 10 mg per day and build your dose gradually. CBD oils and edibles are popular, but you can use topical creams and lotions to soothe post-workout muscle pain. Vaping can also produce near-instant results when dealing with delayed onset muscle soreness. Always check the product’s label to know how much CBD you consume, and stick to quality products. You can use CBD before working out, but the most benefits are felt during recovery. If you prefer taking pre-workout supplements, use CBD about two hours before your session begins.

Key Takeaways About CBD For Bodybuilding

CBD has many potential benefits that make it an attractive proposition for bodybuilders. The compound can help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce stress, and improve sleep, which is great for bodybuilding. You can integrate CBD into your workout regimen to leverage some of its potential benefits and minimize reliance on popular bodybuilding supplements. Make sure you buy quality CBD products and follow the advice of your doctor or fitness coach. Use CBD in moderation and track your dosage and results to determine when to adjust.

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