Why online เเทงหวยออนไลน์ is incredibly fun!

I admit my last post was somewhat depressing. The polotics might be getting to me because I don’t always feel that way about poker. Even without gambling and playing out of your range it can be a really fun and challenging game.

The first thing that first drew me to this game was the challenge. I knew it was possible to make money playing online poker and I wanted to be one of those winning players. Before I even made a deposit I went to the book store and bought internet เเทงหวยออนไลน์ by Matt Hilgar and joined the Internet texas holdem forum to learn as much as I can.

Probably the most helpful lesson I learned was to start start low and only move up a limit when I had the proper bankroll. The idea behind starting at low stakes and building up is to prove that you have the skills to beat a limit before moving up to a new limit.

This challenge really brought me into the game. Something about trying to build a huge bankroll from nothing, using long term skill, was a lot of fun for me. It was even more exciting when I started charting my daily results and seeing how my efforts were paying off.

Besides actually playing the game, I love the drama that goes on in the poker community. It’s pure entertainment sometimes. Watching someone go from $100 to $50,000 to $0 in a day, a young gun taking on a respected pro in a high stakes games, seeing $300,000 pots slide across the virtual tables… It’s pure entertainment!

And the corniest one is the cumminity. This keeps in the game even after I get burnt out from playing. I don’t play to much poker lately, but I still follow the forums and read blogs daily.

Wow, I almost want to start playing seriously again!

Why online poker is incredibly boring!

Other then the occasional tournament with fellow bloggers, I’m officially burnt out from playing poker. I’ve come to realize that it’s just a dull game. The only thing that makes it exciting is the gamble when money’s involved. And when you get used to the stakes you’re playing it gets boring boring again. This is why people move up to stakes they can’t afford – so they don’t die of boredom.

The main issue I have with poker is the learning curve. Once you know the basics in game play, theory, and psychology, there’s not much left other then tweaking those skills – a slow boring process.

Today many winning players are essentially bots. They run 10 tables with poker tracker stats overlaid on their tables and play like a computer. Programs that play poker for you are looked down upon, but that’s pretty much what these 10 tabling grinders are. Playing human poker bots is no fun!

If all of the sites closed down real money tables, how many of you would continue playing for fake money? Probably none. But if you take that analogy to a sport or game you’re into then the answers will probably be completely opposite. I know that I’d ride bmx with the same passion whether or not I was making money.

So what do you think? Is poker boring? And if not, what makes you keep coming back for more?

Folding Pocket Aces – Toto HK

There are some moments in the life of a Toto HK player where he or she needs to fold a pocket ace. When are these instances? When do these occurrences happen anyway? Have you been in such a situation? The pocket ace is the strongest hand on the pre flop. If you are a bully then you can go all in and see if anyone calls your bet. If you are smart then you will know when to actually fold a pocket ace.

I think that you should fold pocket aces in the following situations. The first situation where you fold a pocket ace is when you start seeing possible five card combinations. When your opponents can make a straight or a flush then you should think about being so bold about your pocket aces. Remember, your pocket aces are still a pair. Any five card combination, any two pair, and any trio can knock you out of the game. If you start sensing that your opponents can get five card combinations and you know that these people do not bluff then you should start backing off. You will save more chips this way.

The second situation where you actually fold pocket aces is when you are the chip leader and you just want to get to the final table or reach a certain ranking in a tournament. Having pocket aces will always tempt you to become bold and daring. You may be tempted to go all in but at the end of a round, you may still end up losing. The mentality to keep here is that when there is too much risk at stake then you can go fold your pocket aces. If you become daring and start raising your bets then you are exposing yourself to risk. You have to keep your eye on the ball. Do you want to make it to the final table? Do not be greedy and try to win more chips if your goal is to simply make it to the final table. If you have enough chips to cover the blinds then you should play safe and keep risk away. After all, if you are guaranteed to make it to the final table in a tournament then that may be an achievement in itself. Why should you blow away that chance?

The above situations are great ways to keep that betting beast at bay. If you do not want to be a betting monster because you have the strongest pre flop cards then always keep these situations in mind. If you want to become a good poker player then you should always keep your head working at all times. The pocket aces are very flashy when you get them before the flop but you should always keep in mind that there are five more cards coming up. If you do not end up so lucky then your pocket aces can be knocked off by a person with two three off suit hitting a straight. Be careful and do not be overconfident with your pocket aces. Sometimes you just have to let go.

The Drunkalympics sbobet

Having busted out first in my own tournament gave me time to take care of a list of other things that needed done. The bar needed more booze. The drinks needed more ice. The house needed more fans. And the Drunkalympics needed Cheez Balls. Three hours of fruitless searching left me with the realization that Cheez Balls must have gone off the market. I was left disappointed and with two bags of Cheez Poofs.

Throughout the night, I kept tabs on the tournament and smiled at every turn. From sbobet fixing the deck at the final table, to CJ, Heather and April taking over floor duties, to the entire Smith family making the final table, to Wes Nile Virus (The Big Pirate) and Dr. Pauly getting heads up, I couldn’t have been happier with the result. When they agreed to chop so that the Drunkalympics could start on time, I knew I had some real winners in the room. Dr. Pauly was the winner on the ultimate hand, but both players deserve great thanks for their sportsmanship.

And so we were left with what I thought would be the last bit of shenanigans of the night. The history of the Drunkalympics lies partly in an immature man’s need to find a reason to binge drink, but mostly in the unexplained competitiveness between me and G-Rob. Late nights in G-Vegas would often degenerate into G-Rob and I shooting hoops, throwing horseshoes, or playing Roshambo with the only stakes being shots of the most powerful stuff in the liquor cabinet.

As Bradoween has its roots in silly competition, G-Rob and I thought the Drunkalympics (previously known as the Dumb Olympics) would translate well.

If you were there, you saw what happened. If you weren’t, Pauly posted the rules I wrote up for each event. As expected, G-Rob chose to be Team Good, and as expected, rather than draft with his team in mind, he chose his first draft pick soley on the basis that it would save him from possibly having to compete in the eating contest. While the battle between Good and Evil was epic, I believe it was G-Rob’s selfish draft pick and the bad karma that came with it that resulted in Team Good’s ultimate defeat.

In setting the lines-ups, the first thing I did was take myself out of the running for the Roshambo contest. I knew G-Rob would be expecting me in that slot and I thought seeing a fresh face would take him off his game. Marty, in fact, did suprise G-Rob, but not enough to squelch his dominance in the game.

Further, I knew Al would be in Team Good’s slot for the water bottle basketball game. I didn’t want Big Mike there for fear Al might be bouyed by friendly competition. I needed Al against somebody that might be confusing and intimidating. Dr. Jeff came in strong, hit his first shot and retired Al handily.

My biggest mistake of the night was not putting Big Mike in the trash ball comp. I expected to see Lefty in the cheese eating contest. My addled mind thought Big Mike would have a much better chance than me. In the end, I shoud’ve taken the fall for my team. I feel bad for asking Mike, who had already been on the Soco for a while, to do something so vile. I owe him a drink for that.

With my dominance at Trash Ball and Caps and G-Rob’s uncanny ability to win even a Team Roshambo contest, it all came down to the final game of Flip Cup. In what was surely the most exciting event of the night, I chugged my beer fast (one of my specialties), but put my team in a hole by taking one flip more than Al to overturn my cup. The rest of my team performed marvelously. However, it was Daddy who emerged from the shadows to be the real hero, climbing out of the hole and winning the entire Drunkalympics for Team Evil.

Perhaps the oddest moment of the entire event was when I was standing at the keg, filling cups three at a time in preparation for the Flip Cup game. I heard someone say my name. I turned and there stood my newest neighbor, a young Baptist minister who lives across the street.

“I just wanted to come over and say hello and Happy Bradoween,” he said.

There I stood, three cups of beer dangling from my fingers and a house and yard full of degenerate gamblers, drunks, and otherwise illicit sinners. It took everything I could not to beg off the conversation. So, instead of saying, “I’m sorry, I have to go. Team Evil is about to defeat Team Good,” I said, “Well, thanks. Let us know if we get too loud.”

Later, I would thank that man’s God that he didn’t show up thirty minutes later.

From Ducks slot hoki to Rockets

Aside from chip-shuffling, nothing makes you appear like a poker pro in a room full of amatuers like the use of solid poker lingo. Since mentioning pocket 9’s and it’s lack of a good nickname, I’ve had a few searches for “poker hand names” funnel people to Up For slot hoki .

With that in mind, let’s see how much we can help people out:

 Play Online Poker

Pocket 2’s: Ducks

Not sure exactly how it got this nickname, but Paul Magriel loved saying “Quack, Quack” during his appearance on the World slot online Tour. I think that had more to do with his betting then with pocket two’s, but maybe there’s a connection.

Pocket 3’s: Crabs

I’m assuming this nickname comes from the shape of a 3. I suppose you could say it looks like a crab. I thought you might use sports to jazz up this nickname. The number 33 is pretty famous in NBA history thanks to Larry Bird and others.

Pocket 4’s: ???

I’m not sure this one has a nickname yet. I’d like to call it Syracuse. “44” is the most storied jersey number in Syracuse University sports history. It was first made famous by Jim Brown (the greatest pro running back and greatest college lacrosse player in history), and later worn by college basketball standouts Derrick Coleman and John Wallace.

Pocket 5’s: Speed Limit and Presto

It’s named speed limit for obvious reasons, but I prefer Presto. Here’s the explanation I found for the nickname Presto: “Comes from what one says when revealing a pair of fives as one’s holecards. The term was coined at the Big August Rec.Gambling Excursion and evolved from what a blackjack player says when turning over a blackjack.”

Pocket 6’s: ???

Any suggestions. When thinking of 6-6, Route 66 comes to mind. It’s known as the Mother Road, but I’m not sure that makes a great nickname. There’s also Phillips 66, so maybe the nickname “Phillips”? I need some inspiration here…

Pocket 7’s: Hockey Sticks

That’s the only nickname I could find, and I don’t think I like it. Dave Foley on “Celebrity Poker Showdown” wanted to call them “walking sticks,” but I think we can all agree that anything related to CPS is a bad idea. I think I’ll start pushing “Sunset Strip” for the short-lived but hugely popular “77 Sunset Strip” TV series from the late 50’s to early 60’s.

Pocket 8’s: Snowmen

I think Vince Van Patten once called this hand “octopus,” but I’m not sure that ever caught on (and two of them would be octopi, right?). I’ve also seen it called “Little Oldsmobile,” but I’m not a fan of that (Oldsmobile would be 8-9, both based on Oldsmoble car models).

Pocket 9’s: Get Smart

This hand was named by fellow poker blogger Lord Geznikor after I asked for some suggestions. Get Smart comes from show-stopper Agent 99. It’s one of my favorite hands, and I was concerned no one had given it a nickname yet. If anyone has anyother suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Pocket 10’s: ???

I was shocked to discover there were no accepted nicknames for pocket 10’s. I suppose you could call them “Dimes” for obvious reasons. I think I might go with “Long Distance” after all of those 10-10-### commercials.

Pocket Jacks: Hooks or Fishooks

Again, it’s the shape of the “J” that gave this hand its nickname. Poker players aren’t always the most creative bunch of people. I prefer to call this hand “Hookers.” It’s just more fun.

hiltons.bmpPocket Queens: The Hilton Sisters

As far as I can tell, this is a poker bloggers creation. Pauly has made this nickname more popular through his little contest. This hand has also been more traditionally called “Ladies.” And until the recent tiger mauling, it was known as “Sigfried and Roy.” I think Paris and Niki will hold this title for at least a little while.

Pocket Kings: Cowboys

I’ve actually seen this hand have the alternate nickname of “Kong,” “King Kong” or “Gorillas.” I don’t think any of those have the charm of “Cowboys” especially considering the game we’re playing is Texas Hold ‘Em.

Pocket Aces: Rockets or American Airlines

The latter is my personal favorite, but the former is certainly more well-known and very appropriate. I’ve also seen this hand called “Bullets” and “Eyes of Texas.” I’m not too sure of that last one.

And, of course, the last hand lingo that any good poker player must know is “THE HAMMER.” That’s the best hand in poker: 72 offsuit.

Apestyles wins Full Tilt Poker꽁머니사이트 XVI Event 5

Saturday was a busy day at 꽁머니사이트 XVI. Event 5 of the FTOPS was a $100 No Limit Holdem rebuy tournament. A total of 1,936 players registered for the tournament. There was a guarantee of $600,000 but the tourney fell $8,800 short of the guarantee. The top winner of Event 5 of this season’s FTOPS XVI took home more than $123,000.

The final table broke down as follows:

Seat 1 – SBRounder (856,174)

Sear 2 – SPQR8 (188,356)

Seat 3 – TBONE4LIFE87 (3,257,785)

Seat 4 – bigramie (1,186,942)

Seat 5 – eliterush (1,432,784)

Seat 6 – Shyeee (657,834)

Seat 7 – zizou444 (1,007,843)

Seat 8 – kingpin023 (344,539)

Seat 9 – apestyles (574,743)

The final table began with the blinds at 14,000/28,000 and the antes at 3,500. With blinds this low and stacks this large, there was plenty of tournament left to be played.

Shyeee was the first player to be knocked out when eliterush shoved all-in with 4c3h in the small blind against Shyeee. Shyeee called with Ad2s and was well ahead. Unfortunately for Shyeee, eliterush hit a 3s on the turn and paired his three. The river was a blank and eliterush won the hand.

A few hands later, SPQR8 opened with his 5c5s. TBONE4LIFE87 reraised in the cutoff with KcKd. All folded but SPQR8 who shoved his pocket fives. TBONE4LIFE87 called quickly with his cowboys and eliminated SPQR8 in eight place.

Eliterush was able to get lucky in the small blind once again to knock out his next victim. In the small blind, eliterush shoved 8c6s and the big blind, zizou444, called with AcQh. Eliterush sucked out once again and zizou444 left the tournament in seventh place.

Two other players were knocked out shortly after the last hand. Kingpin23 was knocked out in sixth when his pocket fours were up against TBONE4LIFE87’s pocket jacks and apestyles’ pocket queens preflop. Apestyles more than doubled up and kingpin23 was gone. Soon after this, SBRounder was caught all-in preflop with As7s against bigramie’s pocket eight. Bigramie’s eights held and SBRounder was knocked out in fifth place.

TBONE4LIFE87 was the next to go when apestyles shoved his 7d5d in the small blind. TBONE4LIFE87 called with AhQc with only 680,000 chips left. The underdog prevailed again as apestyles rivered a flush on the ThTd4d8hKd board. TBONE4LIFE87 was knocked out in fourth place and three players were left with approximately even stacks.

Eliterush quickly became the shortstack with approximately 1.3 million chips. He was the next to be knocked out when apestyles minraised the button, eliterush called out of the big blind, and the flop came Jd9c2h. Eliterush checked, apestyles bet 195,000 chips, and eliterush called. After the 3c turn hit, eliterush check-raised all-in. Apestyles called with JcTc while eliterush had Qd9d. The river was a blank and eliterush was knocked out in third place at the hands of apestyles.

Apestyles was pulling away during heads-up play. Soon, he knocked out bigramie when he minraised on the button and was three-bet to 400,000 by bigramie. Apestyles four-bet and made it one million. Bigramie called and both players saw the Jd6c2c flop. Bigramie check-raised apestyles’ 900,000 bet to three million chips and was all-in. Apestyles called with AhQd while bigramie was ahead with midpair with his 7d6h. The 8s turn helped nobody but the As river gave apestyles the tournament, the $123,600 first prize, and his first golden jersey.

Age Spots? Sun Spots? Skin Cancer?

Antioxidants Clean Up: Combat Those Free Radicals

If you want to protect your skin, think antioxidants.

Antioxidants have gained a great deal of attention in recent years, for good reason.

They work to combat the free radical cells’ that damage your skin.


Created when oxygen produces by-products during normal cellular metabolism. More accurately, this reactive oxygen steals electrons from proteins, DNA and cell membranes resulting in damaged tissue. If left unchecked, free radicals may cause heart damage, cancer, cataracts, and a weak immune system. Free radicals may be involved with aging of tissue; and coupled with sun damage, could promote skin cancers.

While free radicals are produced by normal human metabolism, they can be increased by smoking, alcohol, exposure to heavy metals, and radiation. Antioxidants counteract this process by binding to the free radicals, transforming them into non-damaging compounds, or repairing cellular damage. It would seem logical, then, to include antioxidants in your daily regime.


Antioxidants are the antidote to free radicals. They can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin.


In order for antioxidants to have any benefit they have to be in sufficient quantities in the tissue. Common antioxidants that are taken orally, or eaten, are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and the carotenoids, (deeply or brightly-colored fruits and vegetables are best; i.e.: spinach, carrots, red bell peppers, tomatoes).


Topical antioxidants may reduce UVA damage. UVA is the wavelength that produces visible signs of sun damage and has some carcinogenic effect.

Topical antioxidants that have been studied in creams or ointments are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Soy- isoflavanone. It has been shown that a combination of these has additional benefits.

Others such as selenium, zinc and silymarin have not been studied for their effects.


Antioxidants can be divided into those that are fat soluble and those that are water soluble.

Fat soluble is:

Vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and lipoic acid

Water soluble is:

Glutathione and Vitamin C

Vitamin E:

The antioxidant effect can be more effective if combined with other antioxidants i.e.: coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C

Is found in fresh vegetables, oils, seeds, nuts, cumin, and soy. Animal studies have shown that Vitamin E protects against UVB damage, although this effect has not been proved in humans. (UVB is much more carcinogenic than UVA, and causes sunburns).

Commonly used to help wound healing. However, studies in human burns did not show Vitamin E helping and about a 1/5 of patients reacted to vitamin E with a contact dermatitis).

Topical Vitamin E is commonly used by pregnant women in the belief that it prevents stretch marks. There is no evidence for this, and sometimes an acute allergic dermatitis is produced causing an inflamed uncomfortable rash.

Coenzyme Q10 (also known as Ubiquinone)

Found in fish and shell fish

It penetrates well into skin, and is claimed to reduce the breakdown of collagen after exposure to UVA light

It may reduce the depth of wrinkles but this has not been confirmed in studies

Lipoic Acid

This is well absorbed into the skin, and converted quickly into dihydrolipoic acid in the cells. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. A three per cent application of Lipoid Acid has been shown to reduce redness in the skin after UVB exposure.


This antioxidant is produced by amino acids, eysteine, glycine and glutamic acid.

Vitamin C

Also known as Ascorbic Acid

Oral Vitamin C improves wound healing and may enhance the immune system

The lack of vitamin C produces scurvy; causing fragile skin and bleeding gums.

Topical Vitamin C

Reduces sun damage, fine wrinkles, and may lighten dark skin pigmentation.

Green Tea (Tea polyphenols)

When used topically as a cream

Has shown to reduce the carcinogenic effect of certain chemicals and ultraviolet rays on the skin of animals. We are still awaiting good evidence for benefit in humans.

Produces anti-inflammatory effects

Reduces the redness caused by UV light.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

Occurs naturally in our bodies

When taken orally, DHEA is a powerful antioxidant that may have an anti-aging effect and help thicken skin and reduce pigmentation

It is not known if there are any long-term negative effects from oral injection.


When used topically it may increase collagen and decrease redness and damage from ultraviolet rays

For more information about caring for your skin, visit the rest of this site. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

The 5 C’s of Credit- What are Lenders Looking for?

When financing small businesses, lenders evaluate the borrower’s ability to repay loans before deciding whether or not to finance them. If you want to increase your chances of securing business funding, you should understand the 5 C’s of credit. Regardless of whether you are borrowing from a bank or individual, prospective lenders evaluate your creditworthiness to avoid the risk of default.

Although guessing might pay off if you are lucky, it is useful to understand the lender’s magic metric. There is a consistent lending framework that lenders use to gauge if the borrowers have the ability to pay back the loan. The framework is called the 5 C’s of credit. It includes character, capital, capacity, collateral, and conditions.

How Lenders use the 5 C’s of Credit

Lenders use the same metric to judge their borrowers, and each component has different measurements across lenders. One lender may focus on the collateral, while the other may focus on the capital. They may ask questions like: Will they pay back? Will the money be used the right way? What is their credit history?

Banks use the 5 C’s of credit when giving business credit. However, the metrics also apply to other types of credit like student loans, car loans, and asset financing. By knowing what lenders want in a client, you will easily get the loan approved.

The following are the 5 C’s of Credit:

1. Capacity

The first “C” represents capacity and it is one of the most important metrics. It measures the borrower’s ability to repay the loan in full and on time. Lenders compare the borrower’s income against the recurring debts. They also assess the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio. The lower the ratio, the more debt you can afford. In the loan application form, you should reveal all revenues, expenses and cash flows.

The lender will also evaluate your past repayment history, both in employment and in business. Previous credit payments are considered as indicators of future loan repayments. You should indicate your repayments in the application form. Lenders want to give money to people who can repay the money plus interest. If they lend money to individuals with a bad credit history, they risk losing their money.

2. Character

The character of a borrower is a subjective judgment that lenders make to determine if the client is trustworthy. Ideally, the lender wants to know if you are a responsible and reliable person. Will you pay? Can a lender trust you to repay the loan in full? What is your history with lenders?

Borrowers with a good character are more likely to repay the loan on time. On the contrary, borrowers who are irresponsible are likely to default payments. Lenders want to avoid giving loans and then spending a lot of time and money to recoup payments. They analyze the borrower’s credit scores, both in business and person. The higher the credit score, the more reliable you are and the higher chances of getting a loan. The credit reports may also reveal your open credit lines, credit utilization and time of repayment.

Apart from the credit history, lenders will also evaluate your character, references, and how you talk to people. As a rule, you should be polite, prompt and organized when talking to your lender. Your behavior might be the deciding factor if you are going to get credit.

3. Capital

securing business credit

Before applying for credit, you should have invested significantly in the business. A lender would prefer lending to borrowers who have invested their money in the business. For example, lenders would find it easier giving you a mortgage if have paid a down payment for the home. A down payment indicates your level of seriousness in the investment. Also, this decreases the borrower’s chances of default.

Capital is a major component of the 5 C’s of credit. It shows your level of dedication in the business. Plus, if you are not investing in your yourself, why should a lender invest in you? A bank measures capital by looking at the value of your investments in the business. The more assets and money you have invested, the less risky it is for a lender to invest in the business.

4. Conditions

Conditions refer to how the borrower plans to use the funds given by a bank. Will the money be used to purchase inventory, vehicle, home or working capital? A lender is likely to approve a loan for a specific purpose than a loan that could be used for anything. You should disclose the intended purpose of the loan in the loan application form. If you fail to indicate the purpose of the loan, the loan processing time may take longer. The bank may also decide to cancel the loan application form.

Also, the lender will consider inflation, industry trends and other factors that could affect your business. These conditions may affect your ability to service the debt. Lenders want to minimize risks by loaning money during Brassica API conditions. While you many not have control over these factors, you should demonstrate that you are in control of the environment.

5. Collateral

A collateral assures the lenders that, if the borrower defaults, the lender can repossess the collateral. The collateral may be an equipment, inventory, a home or other types of collateral accepted by lenders. It may also include a guarantee from a third party. A guarantor assures the bank that, in case you default on the loan, they will pay the lender. Some lenders may require both collateral and guarantee as security for the loan. Lenders determine if the value of the assets corresponds to the amount of the loan.

By asking for collateral, lenders want assurance that they will not lose all their money. If you default on the loan, they can sell the items declared as collateral to recover their cash. Where the lender auctions the main business assets, the business will be at risk of closing down. The fear of losing assets will motivate borrowers to make timely payments to the lender.

The 5 C’s of credit are the magic metrics that lenders use to evaluate the borrower’s ability to repay back the loan. The weighted value of each component varies from one lender to another. Knowing what lenders are looking for will help you craft a better loan application. If you convince the lender why need the loan, it will be easier to secure financing.

A Word on Counting Cards

Your average person learned everything they know about togel hongkong hari ini from watching Rain Man. They learned that you can make money at a casino by hitting the blackjack table and counting cards. They learned that you need to be a math wiz or a savant to count cards. And finally, they learned that if you count cards properly you can get rich quick and walk out of the casino overflowing with cash.

Of course, none of that is true. I don’t blame Rain Man. That scene played out like most card-counting scenes in the movies and like most movies, the drama of the scene is more important than realism. Real card counting, however, doesn’t take a genius, but it takes considerably more time to make money. Instead of making millions in one night, it would be more realistic for that to happen in a year or a few years of consistent play.

Before I explain card counting, let me say this: I do not endorse card counting. Though it is not illegal, the casinos don’t appreciate it and if you are caught counting cards you will be asked to leave and may even be banned from that chain of casinos. In the old days of Vegas, worse things happened to you than that. Counting cards isn’t cheating, but it’s still frowned upon by the casinos, who don’t like the advantage it gives players. You should also note that it is not possible to count cards online, due to the random number generator acting as if the deck is shuffled after each card is dealt.

So what is card counting? Card counting, when done, should be done in conjunction with blackjack basic strategy. Where the counting comes in is in determining how many 10-value cards are remaining in the decks. Tens are more advantageous for the players than lower cards because more tens produce more blackjacks (which usually pay out 3:2). Therefore, a deck (or decks) rich in tens is good for the player and one that is low on tens is bad for the player. A card counter will usually bet high when there are a lot of tens in play and bet low when there are not.

That sounds complicated, right? So why don’t you need to be a math genius? For one thing, you’re not really keeping an accurate count of the cards that are played. That would require a math wiz. Instead of keeping track of all of the cards that are played and comparing that to the cards in the deck to determine which cards have not been played, card counters usually use a simple plus/minus system.

Instead of keeping track of every card that is played (2, 3, 4, etc.), card counters only track whether a card was high or low. High cards are tens and low cards are everything else. Though I’m not going to go into detail here about how to count cards, the basics are this: Simple card counting systems use a plus and minus one ratio. In this system, high cards are given a value of -1 and low cards are given a value of +1. As cards are dealt to the players and the dealer, the player adds or subtracts from the count accordingly. When the count gets high, there are a lot of tens left to play and the players will bet higher. When the count is low, they bet lower because there aren’t many tens left.

Sorry if I ruined that iconic scene from Rain Man for you. If it helps, the movie was right about one thing: K-Mart sucks.

Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social and Content Marketing up to 11

Raising brand awareness, building trust, establishing credibility, and ultimately driving revenue, that’s what the top of the funnel is all about. It can be a marketer’s “Paradise City”, but without focus, it can quickly become overwhelming. The one-two punch of social media and content marketing is a vital part of any successfully integrated marketing approach. If you are not pairing these two powerhouses together then you are simply missing opportunities to grow your business.

The tactics and strategies in this book have come together through a tremendous amount of research, trial and error, expert input, and real world applications. From startups to enterprise—what’s included here works across the board and can very quickly make an impact.

Just like your favorite double album, this book is separated into four sides, each one addressing a different aspect of Content and Social: For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Services UK

• Content – Why marketers need to change their mentality from creating more content, to more relevant content and three practical ways to create content that delivers a face-melting return on investment.

• Social – Using social to build awareness, trust and drive high quality leads.

• All Together Now – What the future holds for content and social and what it means for marketers.

• The Credits – The essential resources you need to stay on top of trends in content and social media.

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Fiction Book Funnels: How to Engage With Your Readers and Sell More Books!

How are YOU engaging with your readers?

Congratulations. You’ve finished your first novel! Go you. Now you’re ready to hit ‘publish’ and wait for the millions to roll in, a al 50 Shades of Grey… What’s that you hear? Crickets? Doh!

Writing your story was the easy part, publishing, launching and getting in front of your raving fans, that’s the part that’s tricky if you’re not sure how to go about it or don’t have a list.

Engaging with your readers takes a bit of finesse, a sprinkle of magic and a lot of know-how and can-do mindset shifting. Figure that stuff out, and you’re singing in the rain…

But How?

Let’s show you by telling… meet Lara. She’s an indie author like yourself, writing for the love of writing, telling her romance and mystery stories and sharing her self-published novels with friends and family in the hopes that they’ll share it with their friends and so on and so on.

Only it’s not really panning out that way for her. For some reason, none of her close friends and family seem at all interested in her books! Lara is at a loss as to why this is, and is super frustrated with thelack of support she’s getting.

How on earth is she going to make her millions with such a lack of interest in her books?!

A Solution

Does this story sound familiar? It sure does to us. Not only are Lise and Liz indie authors who have self-published books themselves, but Lise really struggled with engaging with her readers in the beginning.

Crickets were definitely the norm after publishing a couple of books and she was more than a little miffed when even her own family and friends weren’t clamoring to grab a copy of her hard written stories. How rude, right!

Enter the amazing Liz to the rescue! Not only is Liz a self-published author too, but she is an amazing ‘people connector’ and she know’s a thing or two about engagement. Together, we worked on ways to increase not only engagement with Lise’s current readers, but also in drawing new readers into her ‘book funnel.’

Fiction Book Funnels is all about how to attract raving fans to your books, entice them to grab your book, “bribe” them with an incentive and then ‘get’ them with you’re amazing personality, wordsmithing wizadary and all-round indie author awesomeness. Now try saying that last line three times really fast!

Here’s What’s Inside:

* How to setup a permafree book, including the right strategy for your book business

* How to use Facebook advertising to drive hungry readers to your books

* How to properly engage with your readers with awesome autoresponders, with examples and swipe files!

* Tips on how to set up your author platform and what options are available if you don’t want a website

* Plus much more!

Review of Fundamentals of Poker

There are a lot of people in this world that like to play poker, but don’t really know the ropes. A lot of fun games go on at kitchen tables that don’t look much like what is played in card rooms, and these public games can be extremely intimidating to people thinking about playing in a casino for the first time. Clearly, there is the need for a simple book that bridges the gap, that introduces the basic concepts of poker to a wide audience.

Fundamentals of Poker is a short book that can be easily read by the average reader in less than an hour. It starts with an introduction and a brief history of the game, that for being only two pages long, is fairly thorough. Next, the authors discuss some general guidelines for poker play, including hand rankings, general advice, and common poker etiquette.

The next two sections describe the basics of play of Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold’em, respectively. As these two games are the most commonly played in casinos, they obviously deserve the most attention. While the strategies presented here are extremely simple, they’re about as good as you’re going to get in a maximum of 15 pages in this format.

The book then presents a section on other popular Slot Gacor games, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud 8, Razz, and Lowball. Needless to say, the strategies listed for each game is even more basic. The book also contains a glossary and a recommended reading list extremely heavy on books published by Two Plus Two Publishing.

I have some quibbles about some of the phrasings of explanations and strategies, but these are minor at best. However, I do think the book comes up short on explaining casino decorum. I don’t think ten more pages would have harmed the book any, and extra information on how the house makes its money, how to get on the lists for games, and some more information on how casino games are likely to be different from home games (pace, quality of opposition, etc.) would have been well worth the effort. True, given the variation of procedures in today’s card rooms this isn’t an easy task. Yet, there are enough similarities that such a section could be extremely useful for the novice.

Nonetheless, the book does a very good job of encapsulating the very basics of poker in its small form factor, and I would recommend that just about anyone read it before playing poker in a casino for the first time. However, it’s not quite as much information as I wanted before I made my rookie debut in a card room. There is no real reason for a person who has played poker in a casino before to read this book.


A good book on the basics of the most popular games of poker played in public card rooms today. This book is aimed at the novice poker player, one who has never played in a casino before. However, I found the information on casino procedures to be lacking a little. If you’ve played casino poker already, don’t bother with this book unless you think you’re missing something truly fundamental and you have nobody you feel you can ask.