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South Africa Judi Online captain dies

South Africa & Orlando Pirates captain Senzo Meyiwa has been killed in an armed burglary.

At 8pm yesterday two men entered the house he was visiting in Vosloorus and following an altercation over a mobile phone, Meyiwa was shot and pronounced dead on arrival at hospital in Johannesburg.

Meyiwa led a complex private life and at the time of his death was visiting the house of actress/singer Kelly Khumalo, with whom he had fathered a child. Khumalo was arrested last year for assaulting Meyiwa’s wife Mandisa, and had published a photo of herself with Meyiwa hours before the shooting.

South African police have promised to track down the killers and have offered a 150,000 ZAR (£8,500) reward.

The 27 year-old had six caps for his country and 73 appearances for Orlando Pirates, for whom he had played the day before in a 4:1 win over Ajax Cape Town.

Meyiwa was born in Durban and had captained Bafana Bafana in their four African Nations Cup qualifiers this year.

In the run-up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the press whipped up much fear of tourists being targeted, but in the end the tournament passed off peacefully.

Sadly now domestic Judi Online football has fallen victim to the country’s violent crime problem.

Irvin Khosa, president of the Pirates and the South African football association, tweeted,

“If something like this can happen to a national icon, then the rest of us are in deep trouble. It has to be stopped for us all.”

Darren Keet, Meyiwa’s goalkeeping understudy for the national team, put it simply, “When does it STOP South Africa?”

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Business Matters

Figures Up, But Game Off

Hilton chief David Michels was in top form when presenting the group’s [which includes Ladbrokes] results last month.

Michels normally insists on delivering his profit numbers at the crack of dawn on a Thursday, after a late-night poker session with friends. But this time around, his weekly poker game was cancelled for the first time in 17 years!

His announcement included news that Ladbrokespoker.com now has more than 64,000 active players, representing an increase of 156 percent over the previous year.

Still Growing

Recent estimates from the Vancouver-based outfit Pokerpulse indicate more than $190 million is bet in online poker games every day, up from $11 million two years ago. During that period, the number of active players has grown from about 83,000 to nearly 1.9 million.

Meanwhile, figures compiled by investment bank DKW show online gambling is worth $9.2 billion (£4.8 billion) a year. In 2004, gamblers worldwide, online and off, lost $237 billion. It is estimated that the amount that Britons are gambling over the Internet has increased more than sixfold in the past year.

Software Profits, Logically

Internet gambling software group Cryptologic, whose customers include William Hill and the Ritz Casino Club, has reported a 44 percent surge in revenues over 2004.

Income for the year was $63.7 million, with pretax profits up 55 percent to $16.5 million. Cryptologic plans to invest in poker technology after a 165 percent increase in fees generated from poker, which accounted for 20 percent of its revenues in the last quarter of 2004.

NET Profit

In another sign of interest in the industry, NETELLER, an online money-transfer service that derives 80 percent of its business from facilitating payments for gaming and betting sites, has seen its share price triple since it listed in London in April.

North Dakota the First U.S. State to Allow Internet Gaming?

Two pieces of legislation that would allow companies to set up Internet poker (and gaming) sites in the American state of North Dakota have been tabled.

House Bill 1509, which passed with a vote of 49-43, sets up the guidelines for the sites, while House Concurrent Resolution 3035, which has been heard in committee, allows people to vote to change the state constitution to allow Internet poker sites. More about situs poker online terpercaya

Should both pieces of legislation pass, companies would be regulated and taxed by the state. It could result in millions of dollars in income and make North Dakota the Las Vegas of cyberspace gaming.

However, many believe the federal government would strike down the law, but not Patrick O’Brien, an attorney who represents clients in the Internet poker and gaming industry. He doubts the federal government could stop North Dakota from allowing the sites.

“Gambling has always been a states’ rights issue,” O’Brien stated. “If North Dakota legalizes it, then it’s legal.”

Leeson Still Gambling

Ten years have passed since Nick Leeson gambled away £862 million and ruined the 230-year-old merchant and royal banker Barings.

But it seems that old habits die hard, as the “Rogue Trader” is now an avid poker player and a regular at Celebpoker.com, where he is joined by actors Joaquim De Almeida, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Gareth Hunt, radio presenter Chris Brooks, comedian Norman Pacecricketer Ed Giddins, football manager Harry Redknapp, snooker’s Ken Doherty and Mark Williams, rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio, and a host of soccer players.

The site was founded by David Donovan to enable the public to play poker against their favourite celebrities online, and is said to be “the first and only online poker site in the world to bring together celebrities and the general public to play the most realistic poker experience on the Internet.”

Interestingly, Celeb Poker recently announced plans for a betting exchange, multiplayer bingo, and celebrity auction.

Oddschecker Launch

Leading odds comparison website oddschecker.com has spread its wings by launching two new sites to cater to the online casino and poker markets.

The aim of the site, bought by UKbetting in December 2003, is to monitor the latest jackpots, tournaments, and bonuses being offered amongst gaming sites.

Hill Both Cancels and Makes Plans

William Hill has cancelled its plans to enter the land-based casino business, returning £453 million to its shareholders in the process.

The cash-generative bookmaker said the government’s decision to restrict new casinos to 24 reduced the scope for acquisitions or mergers between bookies and casino operators.

However, online poker has proved popular with Hill, and it has been revealed that William Hill’s Channel 425 will soon introduce a poker magazine programme, followed by a $1 million tournament at the end of the year.

When contacted by Card Player Europe, David Hood, a spokesman for William Hill, declined to make further comment, but said a full announcement on the Leeds-based company’s plans for televised poker would be made shortly.

ParadisePoker Share Value Increases

Sportingbet, which splashed out £163 million (then $315 million) for the Costa Rican-based ParadisePoker in October 2004, has announced its pretax profits were up 117 percent at £18.3 million ($34.9 million).

In the period ending in January, the company’s accounts show Paradise chipped in £8m ($15.3 million) of Sportingbet’s £26 million ($49.7 million) operating profits.

The hike was helped by an above-target performance by ParadisePoker, which has seen its customer numbers increase by nearly 100,000 to 837,000 since its acquisition by the online bookmaker. Furthermore, the number of games played on the Paradise site has reportedly leapt 61 percent compared to the same time last year.

Many thought Sportingbet overpaid for ParadisePoker last autumn, but the conventional wisdom now is that it got an extremely good deal. Its shares have surged from 100p to beyond 300p since.

Analysts say the dramatic increase in value is equally attributed to the results of increasing profits in a rapidly growing market and investors’ interest due to speculation that the Hilton Group (owners of bookmakers Ladbrokes, who already operates the UK’s biggest poker site) is planning a takeover bid, a move nonsensed by the hotel chain.

Regardless, an understandably upbeat Nigel Payne, Sportingbet’s CEO, said ParadisePoker’s performance was “well ahead of expectations,” and added, “we believe there are around 80 million poker players in the world, and online every day there are about 1.5 million. This is a huge market, and not very many of them are yet going online.”

Bookkeeping and share value apart, Scott Wilson, director of poker operations for Sportingbet, added, “We’re delighted with the growth we’ve been seeing at ParadisePoker as of late.

“Players have been flocking to Paradise over the past six weeks to secure their spot in our upcoming Paradise Masters tournament, which has a $1 million-guaranteed prize pool.

“As well, with our inclusion in the Sportingbet Group, we’re seeing some great crossover between sportsbook players and poker players, and vice versa. When you walk into Bellagio in Las Vegas, the sportsbook is right beside the poker room — and that’s for good reason!”

Conceding that it is tough to quantify, Wilson said there are other reasons for Paradise’s growth. “With all the new sites popping up out there that are spending marketing dollars to introduce newcomers to our great game, I think a lot of players try online poker for the first time, wooed by deposit bonuses and other promotions designed to help a fledgling site gain critical mass.

“As this new customer gains familiarity with online poker as a product, he looks to see what else is available to him. A good number of these new and curious players end up at our site for one reason or another.

“We’ve got a great reputation for customer service, our software is unique to all others, and we’re one of the most established sites out there, having dealt our first real-money hand back in 1999.

“As one of the larger sites, we are able to offer our players a nice range of action, as well. In addition to a huge variety of cash games to choose from, we also have a nightly $50,000-guaranteed tournament, chances to win seats in World Poker Tour events, and, of course, we’ll be sending a large number of players to this year’s World Series of Poker through our supersatellites.” ´

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Ghana Exit African Cup of Qiu Qiu Online Nations

Cameroon’s victory over Ghana has silenced the nation. Now people are facing up to life in the real world as their dream of lifting the trophy has come to an end. Walking back from the stadium to Osu, where every other time there has been people “jubilating” (yes they use this word a lot over here) all over the place, people discussed the tactics and decided who was to blame. I saw the previous day on TV politicians defending Qiu Qiu Online John Mensah’s red card as an act he had to commit, they went into great detail as if they were the managers of the team. Such is the fever that had gripped the nation. From my own personal point of view the fever is also much better!

In truth I think this sending off coupled with a lack of quality strikers was the reason for ghana’s exit. With Mensah absent Essien was asked to play a much deeper role, and was unable to support the attack. Cameroon took their chance.

The 5p.m. start times have meant that people have struggled to get to the games in time for kick off as they rush from work. In Kumasi, the locals, unwilling to pay the price of 4 cedis (about 2 pounds) would wait until the gates were opened around twenty minutes from the end and pour in in their thousands to catch just a glimpse of the action.

When you realise that a normal working wage is just 5 cedis a day you begin to understand their predicament. The Local Organisation Committee (LOC) has come in for severe criticism for its pricing policy and distribution of tickets. Tickets were meant to be available through Banks and Post Offices, people spent hours queuing but were frequently disappointed as either tickets never materialised or there were insufficient numbers available to meet demand. Yet come match day there were people on the street happy to sell tickets above face value, especially to the foreigners who would pay the inflated prices.

For any locals getting their hand on tickets the chance of a 10 cedi profit (2 days work) gave them a dilemma. Support their national team which they do passionately, or take the money to live on. Just yesterday a friend had his rent increased from 40 cedis a month to 60 cedis (a 50% increase without any warning).

Here children often fail to complete their education as they need to support themselves by selling items on the market, as a result many lack the basic skills which we take for granted back home. Last July the currency was devalued – 10,000 old Ghana cedis now being worth 1. The people have struggled to understand the change and still talk as though they are dealing in old cedis. Thus causing great confusion to myself when I am asked to pay a grossly inflated price.

At the end of the year a presidential election is due. The people here are hoping that this will bring a change in the current unemployment system, cost of electricity (which is paid for just now but not necessarily provided) and improvements to transportation links. I would also hope that work is done on the open drains which encourage mosquitoes and increase the risk of malaria for all.

Finally the people are growing restless with the current Government especially after it was revealed that they had lost (!) millions of old cedis which were to be burnt, and the police (or “one cedis” as they are known – one cedi being the amount required to bribe them) who recently, it was revealed had captured a large amount of narcotics. The bust was under surveillance but the drugs were found to have been replaced, presumably finding their way back on to the market.

The Government has proudly supported the football team during its African Cup campaign, it is now time for it to support it’s own people.

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Roulette Rules and Agen Slot

For playing Roulette you need a wheel, a small ball and a table marked with separate boxes containing numbers from 0 to 36. All players’ place their bets on any particular number or a set of numbers on the table. When the bets have been completed, the wheel starts spinning and a small ball is released on to the wheel in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The winner is the player who had bet on the number in which the ball stopped.

Bet – Description:

Even Odd – Bet placed on fields «even» or «odd» and covers 18 numbers. Zero is not covered.

Red Black – Bet placed on fields «red» or «black» and covers 18 numbers. Zero is not covered.

High Low – Bet placed on fields «1-18″ or «19-36″ and covers 18 numbers.

Dozen – Bet placed on fields «1st 12″, «2nd 12″, or «3rd 12″ and covers 12 numbers

Column – Bet placed on field at the end of vertical column and covers all columns (12 numbers).Zero is not covered.

Six-Line – Bet placed on the end of line between two rows. Bet covers the 6 numbers in two adjacent rows.

Corner – Bet placed on the common point of four adjacent numbers and covers all of them.

Street – Bet placed on the end of row and covers this row (3 numbers).

Split – Bet placed between two numbers and covers them.

Straight – Bet placed on single number field and covers only one.

Gaming Jurisdictions

So just where do online agen slot gamblig games get played out on a person’s screen clearly but where is the screen information sent from. Well the majority of online gambling sites are hosted offhsore for tax reasons. We have done a quick rundown of the main locations or perhaps we should call them the most reputable locations.

Aldreney is the most accpetable and widely used of the gaming jurisdictions around. They have a variety of bandwidth suppliers and severe rules and regulations as regards software testing. There are no restrictions on where Alderney operators can take bets from.

Costa Rica is regarded as being slighlty questionable, there are no software testing requirements for example. As regards bandwidth operators have to deal with a state monopoly.

Gibraltar is on the Uk white list as per Alderney, its another ginat in terms of the amount of market share it has gathered.

Isle of Man is on the UK white list – respectable perhaps too severe in its application of a regulated approach meant that it was prohibative to work from this territory when they legalised online gaming some years ago.

Kahnawake is an Indian reservation in Canada – due to the rights in the states for Indian tribes to use gaming to ensure the continuation of their traditions etc this is how the Mohawkes operate a massive server centre. They are not part of the UK white list and suffered some loss of business as a result.

Malta as its in the EU has been growing dramatically. This could become the biggest of the lot in time.

Netherland Antilles despuite the name quite a stand up location with some good regulations.

Panama sketchy details on this location only but regulations appear to be very light weight.

Tasmania as one would expect is heavily regulated.

United Kingdom the death knell for the UK was the decsion to charge heavily on taxes. Making the comparison between this location and Gibraltar and Alderney worthless. Most major high street brands have lept their web sites off shore as a result.

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BCH Publishing App Honest Cash Partners with Patreon Alternative Bitbacker.io | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin

The Honest Cash publishing platform powered bitcoin cash joined forces with Bitbacker.io, a cryptocurrency-focused Patreon alternative. This partnership will help to increase the Honest Cash and Bitbacker user bases by providing the ability to crowdfund projects and incentivizing individuals to share unique content with BCH.

Partnering up with Bitbacker and Honest Cash with Shelter Crypto

News.Bitcoin.com published a November report on Honest Cash, a new BCH-powered publishing platform. Soon after the Nov. 15 BCH Shelter Crypto split, the platform was launched. The popular blogging platform then moved to BSV support. A month later our newsdesk spoke with the creator of the cryptocurrency-fueled Patreon alternative Bitbacker.io and explained how users can crowdfund projects with BCH and BTC. The partnership announcement was made by Jonathan Hales, founder and CEO of Bitbacker.

The team announced that the relationship gives users of Bitbacker and Honest Cash a wider audience. Both users can now earn pledges and secure backing on both platforms.

BCH Publishing App Honest Cash Partners with Patreon Alternative Bitbacker.io

Adrian Barwicki (CEO of Honest Cash) and Jonathan Hales (founder of Bitbacker), just announced that they would be publishing a series blog posts to inform their users about the partnership integrations.

Over the past few weeks, both platforms have made significant improvements. Honest Cash, for example, has experienced significant growth because the BCH app allows any type of content, including video, images and prose. Honest Cash users can make up to $1,000 per piece of content in bitcoin cash tips. The platform has recently added a native BCH wallet that allows Honest Cash users to create a new wallet or import existing BCH keys. It also supports custom HD derivation paths.

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Togel Online V. good but will Dukes stick around?

Celtic, Leeds United and Middlesbrough supporters don’t exactly need me to tell them Mark Viduka can be the match of anyone when he’s on his day. The problem, however, for Australian coach Graham Arnold and the Socceroos fans is the striker nicknamed the V-Bomber is going to have to be at flying at full throttle the whole of July’s Asian Cup for the AFC No.1-ranked side to stand a decent chance of going all the way.

Viduka was in imperious mood against China over the weekend in what was his first Socceroos appearance since the World Cup exit to Italy nine months ago. Indeed he’s been in irresistible form in England since the turn of the year and seamlessly translated his domestic displays for Middlesbrough into one of those majestic individual performances the football fraternity knows lies within him, but tends all too rarely to see.

You could sense Dukes was in the mood for landing some punches on the sleepy Chinese defence from the get-go. Goalkeeper Li Leilei was just awake enough to parry the Australian captain’s double efforts in the opening stages but the signs were apparent following a well-heeled drag-back in the build-up to one of the Shandong Luneng ‘keeper’s stops.

Viduka didn’t ultimately find the net in his 76 minutes on the pitch – one of the problems is he does so infrequently (six times in 38 internationals). But his presence at the pinnacle of an attack which sees him surrounded by younger, more mobile supplementary strikers in Arnold’s preferred system was immense. It might be bold to suggest that Australia would not have won without him, but when you consider the alternatives in that lone frontman role, the coach is not the only one praying Viduka shelves any plans of an Asian Cup swansong.

“What more is there to say about Dukes?” Arnold rhetorically asked national broadsheet The Australian afterwards. “He showed why we need him to stay on. We can’t afford to lose him just yet.

“Mark is a vital ingredient for the national team so we need to find ways of making the Socceroos option even more attractive for him. He is only 31 and will be 34 by the time the next World Cup comes around. Mark needs to know that we are not going to impose heavy demands on him.

“Call it mollycoddling if you like but we can look after him with a well thought-out schedule in which he won’t have to play in too many meaningless games and where we can cut down his travelling.”

Arnold was clearly panicked by Viduka’s heavy hint-dropping in the lead-up to the China clash. The burly striker’s name is forever mentioned when the topic of international retirement rears its ugly head but this time he appeared to be truly flagging a desire to call it a day with the national team. There is one overriding reason: wife Ivana gave birth to son No.2 Lucas six months ago. But he has also been one a handful of senior Socceroos critical of how Asian Cup warm-up matches have been scheduled this June, giving the fatigued EPL stars just a couple of weeks break.

Viduka might only be in his early Togel Online thirties, but the retirement age for Australians isn’t always much higher given the weight of travelling required for most international fixtures. His trademark laid-back approach means his legs should have little trouble dragging him kicking and screaming all the way to the 2010 World Cup. But, with Arnold conceding a minimum of four more Socceroos will hang up their boots after the summer’s events, some wonder why Viduka’s name wouldn’t be among them?

The major concern for Arnold – and ultimately who will succeed him as national team coach for the World Cup qualifiers – is the paucity of striking reserves. John Aloisi, now plying his trade in the Spanish second division with Alaves, is the same age as Viduka. German-based Josh Kennedy was the pair’s primary back-up under Guus Hiddink at the World Cup but he’s not played since rupturing his right Achilles tendon last July.

The answer could lie with 23-year-old Scott McDonald, a player always mentioned as a Socceroos prospect having represented Australia at under-17, under-20 and under-23 levels. Club-side Motherwell turned down a million-dollar January transfer window bid from Rangers for the in-demand striker who’s scored 12 times this season. But McDonald is now reportedly on his way to Old Firm rival Celtic after a bid of AUD$1.8 million was lodged by manager Gordon Strachan. Don’t rule out McDonald for a surprise call-up when the serious business gets underway in little more than three month’s time.

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Link Alternatif Sbobet Membuat Bettor Terus Bermain Togel Hongkong

Permainan Sbobet online dari waktu ke waktu mengalami perkembangan yang sangat pesat. banyak sekali pemain baru setiap harinya yang bergabung dalam sebuah agen untuk merasakan keseruan dalam permainan sportbook online. Link alternatif sbobet dikeluarkan untuk memberikan alternatif alamat jaringan supaya pemain bisa melakukan permainan seperti biasa. Sayangnya tidak semua mengetahui bahwa link alternatif pun bisa dijadikan sebagai tempat atau arena bermain Sbobet. Kebanyakan pemain jika situs utama sudah mengalami gangguan maka mereka pun berhenti bermain atau beralih ke permainan yang lainnya yang ada di situs berbeda. Padahal link alternatif lah yang bisa menjadi andalan supaya pemain bisa bermain dengan permainan Sportsbook yang sama.

Link Alternatif  Sbobet Untuk Tetap Bermain

setiap harinya banyak sekali pemain judi online yang ingin melakukan permainan bola betting dan permainan sportbook lainnya. Ini membuat website atau situs agen banyak dikunjungi dan kadang mengalami down. Dalam beberapa kali kesempatan pihak pengelola atau tim pengembang pun melakukan maintenance atau perbaikan supaya tidak terjadi error. Maka dari itu diberikan link alternatif Sbobet untuk pemain sehingga pemain bisa terus bermain sportsbook online. Inilah beberapa alasan mengapa pihak agen mengeluarkan link alternatif secara resmi.

Situs sedang mengalami down

Seperti yang sudah dijelaskan sebelumnya, bahwa ketika situs sudah memiliki banyak pengunjung setiap harinya maka dalam waktu bersamaan situs pun akan mengalami beberapa saat. Sehingga diperlukan sedikit waktu supaya banyak pemain yang tidak mengakses dan menjadikan situs kembali ke dalam keadaan semula. Pihak agen kemudian memberikan link alternatif supaya pengunjung situs utama Togel Hongkong berkurang dan situs utama bisa dikembalikan kualitasnya

Situs sedang diperbaiki

terkadang beberapa agen situs judi sbobet selalu melakukan maintenance atau perbaikan pada situsnya. hal ini biasanya dilakukan secara berkala untuk meningkatkan kualitas ataupun mempertahankan apa yang sudah ada. dengan begitu maka Pihak agen pun akan memberitahukan mengenai kunjungan ke situs utama yang tidak perbolehkan dulu untuk sementara dan dialihkan ke situs alternatif

Situs diblokir

 karena Indonesia melarang perjudian online, pemerintah pun meningkatkan kampanye mengenai internet positif. beberapa situs yang dicurigai ataupun disangkakan sebagai situs judi online akan diblokir untuk beberapa waktu bahkan dihapus. Jika situs sbobet mengalami pemblokiran maka situs alternatiflah yang bisa digunakan supaya pemain kemudian bisa terus bermain tanpa gangguan. Besar harapan jika suatu hari nanti Indonesia memiliki aturan yang lebih baik mengenai betting online.

daftar segera di sbobet dengan minimal deposit 50rb dan mainkan berbagai games online kami menerima transaksi via atm bank BCA, BNI, BRI, Danamon, Cimb Niaga dan Mandiri

Hindari Link Alternatif Sbobet Tidak Resmi

 internet merupakan dunia maya sangat bebas di mana jaringan menjangkau ke seluruh masyarakat lapisan demi lapisan. kejahatan di dalam dunia Internet pun tidak Bisa dihindarkan, salah satunya penjahat di bidang game online di mana mereka berpura-pura sebagai agen dan membagikan link alternatif untuk diakses sebagai salah satu modus. Nantipemain bisa diretas akunnya ataupun dilakukan tindakan tindakan yang bersifat kriminal. Yang pasti kegiatan kriminal ini amat merugikan pemain khususnya dari segi finansial.

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Bitcoin Dice

Brazil 2:2 Japan Bitcoin Dice

Japan were knocked out of the Confederations Cup on goal difference tonight after a 2:2 draw with Brazil sent the world champions through to face Germany in Saturday’s semi-final.

The heroic last stand of the Japanese will go down as one of their finer performances of recent years however and but for a controversial offside call in the first half they might yet still be in the competition.

Going in to this game Zico’s men could have adapted the title of a James Bond film as their motto: ” A Draw is Not Enough”, knowing Brazil’s superior goal difference would take them through in the event of a tie. Thankfully for the 44,922 on hand in the Rhein-Energie Stadion, both sides gave good value for money with skilful play and top-notch goals in a game difficult to take one’s eyes off.

The opening exchanges saw Kaka, Ronaldinho and Adriano rev their turbo-charged engines with hints of things to come but Japan shocked probably even themselves by netting in the fourth minute. Mitsuo Ogasawara released Akira Kaji on the right and the flying wing-back hit the ball firmly into the corner for what looked a valid goal only for the referee’s assistant to hoist a late flag. TV replays would later show this was a far from conclusive call.

A minute later Adriano fired off his first salvo of the evening, hitting the side-netting from a Leo assist and soon the game assumed a frenetic end-to-end character. Any side that allows Kaka and Ronaldinho the space and time Japan did in the first half invites trouble and the inevitable goal arrived after ten minutes’ play. Ronaldinho set off on what would be several counter-assaults during the evening with only Robinho in support but soon found three teammates had swelled the attack to make it five against three.

Selling a delightful Bitcoin Dice dummy to the Japanese defence, the Barcelona man played the ball not to any of the free attackers but to Robinho, who had ‘run a slant’ as they say in gridiron, to lose marker Makoto Tanaka. The Santos star then made no mistake with his finish.

When good sides take the lead a gloomy inevitability often afflcits their opponents who respond by taking risks but to Japan’s credit they stayed calm and continued to pass the ball patiently and along the ground, a virtue perhaps distilled in them by their Brazilian coach and the wider Brazilian influence on Japanese soccer.

Their diligence paid off when Atsushi Yanagisawa headed against the crossbar after twenty-four minutes and Shunsuke Nakamura drew them level on twenty-seven. The Man of the Match against Greece (and again tonight) in fact produced a stunning strike worthy of Adriano’s wonder-goal against the same opponents. Having been picked out by Takashi Fukunishi thirty-five yards from goal, the Reggina midfielder looked up before launching an unstoppable rocket of a shot past a flailing Marcos. No one present could have failed to be astounded by a moment of sublime footballing spectacle.

Sadly for Japan their euphoria would last for only six minutes and once again it was down to the wizard Ronaldinho weaving his magic, which makes you think he is a good bet to be the star of the World Cup here again next summer. Starting in the centre-circle by hitting the referee with a pass and collecting it again as if that had been his intention, the twenty-five year old advanced menacingly before feeding Robinho on the left and then stretching to collect his return ball and tap it past Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.

The yellow jerseys were now in full flow, surging upfield again and again like an overflowing river, an unstoppable force of nature no amount of planning and endeavour can contain. As a samba beat resonated from the stands down to the pitch Japan looked second best and were lucky not to go in at the break 3:1 down after a lovely move in the fourtieth minute ended with Kaka curling his shot just over the postage stamp.

Perhaps drunk on their superiority and with the Japanese camped out in their own half, Brazil began to play keep-ball to the giddy ‘ole’s of their own fans but the angry whistles of everyone else, who had bought tickets for an express train and not a sleeper service, even though they reach the same destination.

At the interval Zico showed his determination to defeat his own country by bringing on Koji Nakata and Masashi Oguro and thus pushing talisman Hidetoshi Nakata into a more advanced role to orchestrate the attacks. The blue shirts took to their heels a minute after the restart with Fukunishi putting Atsushi Yanagisawa through on goal but Marcos was quick off his line and blocked the effort. On fifty-five minutes Hidetoshi Nakata had a shot cleared off the line by Cicinho and the chants of ‘NI-PPON!, NI-PPON!’ grew the loudest they had all tournament.

Brazil’s best form of Bitcoin Dice defence though is attack and they hit back two minutes later when Cicinh0 went close and from the resulting corner Ze Roberto was denied twice, his first a volley that struck Kawaguchi in the face and winded him for a while and his follow-up a shot blocked on the line by Japan skipper Tsuneyasu Miyamoto.

Zico played his final card bringing on Takayuki Suzuki for Yanagisawa and his opposite number Carlos Alberto Parreira took off Adriano, Ze Roberto and Kaka for fresh legs. These switches made both teams lose some of their momentum but Brazil remained the more likely to score again, Ronaldinho dancing past all but the last man on eighty minutes and Robinho turning the badly positioned Tanaka but shooting wide six minutes afterwards, a piece of defending that had Kawaguchi screaming at his right back.

With three minutes left on the clock and Japan needing to score two a chance appeared. Arsenal’s Gilberto Silva tripped Hidetoshi Nakata just outside the D and the kick was delayed for around a minute as players from both sides jostled to gain the best positions for what could have been Japan’s last throw of the dice.

When the kick was eventually taken, Nakamura curled the ball over the wall and against the post. With the Brazilian wall stuck in quicksand, Fukunishi and Oguro were on to the rebound like hares and Oguro smacked the ball into the net although Marcos got a hand to it.

A thrilling finale duly ensued and Japan’s final chance came in injury time as Fukunishi’s crossfield lob found Oguro but the goalscorer’s near-post header was parried away by a relieved Marcos. When the referee blew for full time there were jeers from the crowd, not because the show had been a poor one but because they felt he had blown thirty seconds early and deprived them of a precious few more moments of entertainment in a match no one except the Brazilians wanted to end.

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Klinsmann’s Germany: One Year and Counting Bitcoin Dice

“Chin Up Lads! We’ll get them next time,” said the defiantly optimistic headline. “We’ll meet again Brazil, on the 9th of July 2006 in Berlin,” said another.

The host nation’s exit on Saturday against an unarguably superior Brazil has needless to say provoked a round of never-say-die patriotism in the German press, but also a thinly-veiled admission that Germany badly needs to up its game in order to win next year’s World Cup in front of their home fans with time running out.

“Yes Germany can win the World Cup next summer,” said coach Jurgen Klinsmann to reporters after the game, but what else could he have said? Former coach Rudi Voller and current captain Michael Ballack echoed the ‘We can do it, Deutschland!’ cries and even wise old Franz Beckenbauer was made to stand up and be counted on TV this week. When asked who might win the Confederations Cup he answered cautiously that Brazil and Argentina would be tough nuts to crack. When the show’s host continued to press him for a soundbite he obligingly replied “OK, Germany,” to the delight of the studio audience but no doubt to his own regret. Media outlets are more loyal to their sales than to the facts and many feel they will lose readers if they appear even remotely unpatriotic at a time like this.

They can point to facts to justify their optimism: Losing 2-3 was one goal closer to the Brazilians than the Germans got in 2002 and the team did come back twice to equalise. Germany will surely not be lacking in such commitment and motivation next summer and the lesson of most World Cups is that the host nation, buoyed by the country’s fervour, can ride on a sea of support and overachieve. South Korea’s unexpected surge to the 2002 Semi-Final was only the latest example of this.

They will certainly need all the external factors they can muster to help them defeat Brazil next year. The World Champions can play lazily, can concede two to the Japanese and the Germans and even lose a game to Mexico but there they are in the Confederations Cup Final, favourites to win. In Kaka, Robinho, Adriano and skipper Ronaldinho they have four world-class performers, four fantasistas capable of coming up with moments of amazing skill to win games.

With the best will in the world, Germany’s NationalMannschaft does not have such players, Ballack apart. Indeed the Bayern Munich star seems so key to the hosts’ survival in next year’s tournament they should watch him 24/7 in case he trips over anything in the house and gets injured.

Saturday’s team that lost to Brazil will be improved with the return of the bold, though still fresh-faced attacking flair of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Dortmund’s centre-back Christoph Metzelder should provide more sturdy coverage in defense than Chelsea’s Robert Huth, who was taken to the cleaners by Adriano, “one moment a giant in defence, the next a weakling” according to Germany’s Express. In addition the return of Stuttgart’s Philipp Lahm, one of the best full-backs in Europe who had an impressive Euro 2004, will reassure the less than comfortable looking back line.

Beyond them though Bitcoin Dice, the menu looks meagre with no obvious young stars looking ready to make the grade. The attack looks particularly mediocre although the Germans will heed the lesson of France, who won in 1998 without a recognizable marksman of any quality. Lukas Podolski netted twice this tournament and should start up front with Kevin Kuranyi or Gerald Asamoah next summer but still looks far from exceptional. The only other recognizable striker Mike Hanke does not seem up to this level yet. Aston Villa’s Stuttgart-bound Thomas Hitzlsperger is surely worth a look, with his long-range potshots a useful weapon, but disappointingly for him, he was used sparingly in this warm-up tournament.

Where have the German Strikers gone?

So, Klinsmann will be relying on old hands Torsten Frings and Bernt Schneider as defensive midfielders to get stuck in and regain possession whilst Sebastian Deisler will run his socks off at both ends of the field, whip dangerous crosses in to the strikers or feed Ballack and Schweinsteiger in the hope they can create a chance.

At the other end, for Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann read Ray Clemence and Peter Shilton before the 1982 World Cup. Bayern’s veteran is still officially number one according to Klinsmann but he will continue to rotate the two, implying he is still to make up his mind whether to stay loyal to Kahn or employ the Arsenal keeper, who was more impressive this tournament.

Overall though, Germany is still living through a lean spell by their high standards. Since Klinsmann himself lifted the Euro ’96 trophy, the country with the greatest record of reaching finals has been on the slide and another mediocre showing at Euro 2004 provided little hope for next year’s World Cup. After a first-round exit in Portugal, the impressive achievement of reaching 2002’s World Cup Final then looked less so, and rather due to an undeserved seeding that kept them away from the big boys and gave them the not so big Paraguay, the USA and South Korea to hurdle to reach the final.

The fact is that Germany have not defeated a major footballing nation for some time, their 1-0 win at Wembley in 2000. The last time they won the World Cup, at Italia ’90, they possessed the superb left-back Andreas Brehme and his Inter colleagues Lothar Matthaus, one of the greatest ever midfield generals and Klinsmann himself to call upon. Their midfield, Matthaus apart, had the creative class of Thomas Hassler and the dribbling skills of Pierre Littbarski to call upon. The towering defence of Jurgen Kohler, Thomas Berthold, Guido Buchwald and Klaus Augenthaler looked a lot firmer than today’s and in Rudi Voller and Karl-Heinz Riedle Germany had two more deadly, world-class strikers. In short, they were a world class team who looked likely winners from the start.

As they prepare for the 3rd place play off with Mexico by indulging in some beach volleyball and basketball, today’s German squad should feel somewhat relaxed at not having disgraced themselves and knowing a year is still a long time in football. At the same time, though, they are a pale shadow of the last German World Cup-winning team that featured Klinsmann and with an envious eye on the wizardry of Kaka & co., will be pondering what they can do to combat the late FIFA President Stanley Rous’ maxim that, “There is no substitute for skill.”

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Benefits of smoke-free workplaces with Snus Nicotine

There are many benefits to both employees and employers that accrue from having a smoke-free workplace.  Here are a just few:

Benefits to the employees

A smoke-free environment helps to create a safe and healthful workplace.   

A carefully planned and implemented effort by the employer to address the effects of smoking on employees’ health shows that the company cares.           

Workers who are bothered by smoke will not be exposed to it at the workplace.       

Smokers appreciate a clear company policy about smoking at work. 

Managers are relieved when a process for handling smoking in the workplace is clearly defined.

Benefits to the employer

A smoke-free environment helps to create a safe, healthful workplace.         

Direct health care costs to the company may be reduced.       

Maintenance costs go down when smoke, matches, and cigarette butts are eliminated from facilities.           

Without smoke in the environment, office equipment, carpets, and furniture last longer.      

It may be possible to negotiate lower health, life, and disability insurance coverage for your company as employee smoking is reduced.    

The risk of fires is lower.

There are other ways that your business may benefit from having a smoke-free workplace.

Support for workplace policies – As the public has become more aware of the risks associated with exposure to secondhand smoke, support for smoke-free policies has steadily increased.  According to Gallup polls, Americans not only know about the risks posed by secondhand smoke, but also favor efforts to reduce exposure to it.  The percentage of Americans who favor some type of restriction on workplace smoking increased from 81% in 1983 to 94% in 1992.

Increased employee morale – adopting a smoke-free policy sends a clear message to your employees and the community: we care about the health and safety of our employees.  The employer’s concern for the health of employees is especially clear in the case of employees who have conditions that make them vulnerable to secondhand smoke, like employees who are pregnant, have heart disease, or have breathing problems.  Offering quitting support for smoking employees who want to quit sends a straightforward message that the company cares about all employees, including smokers.

Increased productivity – a smoke-free workplace enhances productivity by reducing the health effects of secondhand smoke on nonsmokers, and by reducing smoking-related absenteeism among smokers who are motivated to quit as a result of the smoke-free policy.

Reduced medical costs – A smoker who quits could save his or her employer an estimated $1,429 in excess illness costs each year.  Persons who quit smoking before age 65 are estimated to save from 45% to 67% of the lifetime excess medical costs of persons who continue to smoke.

Improved corporate image – Many organizations implement smoke-free policies in part to influence consumers’ opinions of the company.  With nonsmokers accounting for about 75% of adult consumers of goods and services, a company’s decision to go smoke-free can influence their appeal to consumers in the marketplace.  Adopting a smoke-free workplace policy can also improve a company’s corporate image in hiring as well – companies that demonstrate concern for the health and wellbeing of their employees are more likely to be able to recruit and retain high-quality employees. More about Snus Nicotine

Smoke-free policies reduce employee smoking.  Here’s proof:2

The University of California School of Medicine determined in a 1991 study that smoking employees consumed 45 fewer packs of cigarettes per year if they worked in a smoke-free workplace.

UCSM’s study also determined that smoke-free workplaces had significantly fewer regular smokers than workplaces that allowed smoking (13.7% compared to 20.6%)

In a 1994 study published in the American Journal of Public Health, smokers who worked in smoke-free workplaces reduced their total smoking on average by 15%, or one pack a week.

Following the implementation of a smoke-free policy, the Johns Hopkins Hospital found a 20% reduction in the number of cigarettes smokers smoked per day, and a 51% reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked during work hours.  They also found there was a 25% reduction in the number of employees that smoked.

Within a year after the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans implemented a smoke-free policy, the proportion of employees who smoked had dropped from 22% to 14%, and of those who continued to smoke, 81% smoked fewer than eight cigarettes per day.

Following the implementation of a smoke-free policy at New England Deaconess Hospital, 26% of smoking employees quit smoking.  A third of those employees who continued to smoke reduced their cigarette consumption.

In the first year after the Harvard School of Public Health adopted a smoke-free policy, 27% of their smoking employees had quit smoking.

Within 20 months after the New England Telephone Company adopted a smoke-free policy, 21% of their smoking employees had quit, compared with a normal annual quit rate in similar population groups of 2%-5%.  42% of the successful quitters attributed their quitting to the company’s smoke-free policy.