Folding Pocket Aces – Toto HK

There are some moments in the life of a Toto HK player where he or she needs to fold a pocket ace. When are these instances? When do these occurrences happen anyway? Have you been in such a situation? The pocket ace is the strongest hand on the pre flop. If you are a bully then you can go all in and see if anyone calls your bet. If you are smart then you will know when to actually fold a pocket ace.

I think that you should fold pocket aces in the following situations. The first situation where you fold a pocket ace is when you start seeing possible five card combinations. When your opponents can make a straight or a flush then you should think about being so bold about your pocket aces. Remember, your pocket aces are still a pair. Any five card combination, any two pair, and any trio can knock you out of the game. If you start sensing that your opponents can get five card combinations and you know that these people do not bluff then you should start backing off. You will save more chips this way.

The second situation where you actually fold pocket aces is when you are the chip leader and you just want to get to the final table or reach a certain ranking in a tournament. Having pocket aces will always tempt you to become bold and daring. You may be tempted to go all in but at the end of a round, you may still end up losing. The mentality to keep here is that when there is too much risk at stake then you can go fold your pocket aces. If you become daring and start raising your bets then you are exposing yourself to risk. You have to keep your eye on the ball. Do you want to make it to the final table? Do not be greedy and try to win more chips if your goal is to simply make it to the final table. If you have enough chips to cover the blinds then you should play safe and keep risk away. After all, if you are guaranteed to make it to the final table in a tournament then that may be an achievement in itself. Why should you blow away that chance?

The above situations are great ways to keep that betting beast at bay. If you do not want to be a betting monster because you have the strongest pre flop cards then always keep these situations in mind. If you want to become a good poker player then you should always keep your head working at all times. The pocket aces are very flashy when you get them before the flop but you should always keep in mind that there are five more cards coming up. If you do not end up so lucky then your pocket aces can be knocked off by a person with two three off suit hitting a straight. Be careful and do not be overconfident with your pocket aces. Sometimes you just have to let go.