Winning Hand from Party slot demo

From today until December 16th at 04.59 GMT (December 15th at 23.59 ET) Party slot demo are running the Winning Hand promotion and you have the chance to win up to $100,000 as an early Christmas present to yourself. All you have to do is play at Party Poker and earn 20 Party Poker points to be awarded a playing card, when you have a 5 card hand you could win the following cash prizes if you are holding:-

Royal Flush – $100,000

Straight Flush – $500

4 of a Kind – $200

Full House – $100

Flush – $75

Straight – $40

3 of a Kind – $20

2 Pair – $10

Pair – $5

It’s as easy as that but you can only reveal one hand of cards per day, so get playing and earning those Party Poker Points to see what the cards hold for you.

Coming soon to Party Poker over the 12 day Festive Period there are going to be fabulous prizes to be given away. The good thing is you don’t have to do anything just be playing at Party Poker when the prizes are announced to win, what could be easier than that? We should know soon what the bumper prizes to be given away will be, but, knowing Party Poker, they will be excellent! Watch this space or our Party Poker Review for further Party Poker promotions news for the Christmas period, they will be reported here as soon as they are announced.

Absolute Poker – Poker against Poverty tournament tonight!

Absolute Poker is hosting a Charity Tournament on Sunday 2nd December at 12.30am GMT (half past midnight Saturday night), 1st December 20.30ET to support the ONE campaign to Make Poverty History. The buy in to the tournament is $10 + $1 and all fees are being donated to the ONE campaign, Absolute has also pledged to double the amount raised. The ONE Campaign is supported by many celebrities and is a non profit making non partisan organisation determined to make poverty history.

Visit and see the work that is carried out by the many volunteers. Sign the petition (as this is written stands at 2,421,840) and maybe buy some T shirts or wristbands as Christmas presents with a conscience for your friends and family, they’re cool (well, according to my 15 year old nephew they are!).

If you only play one game of poker this December make it this one and make a difference to someone less fortunate than yourself.

Absolute poker are currently offering a 100% up to $500 first deposit indian satta bonus (use the bonus code BONUSDOOP), check out our Absolute Poker Review for more details.