Everything I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned From the Movies

Ok, I collected fragments of home and school, but the movie definitely filled in all the lost scores. Movies can be animated, entertaining and inspiring. This is a list of movies that I am thinking about (about other things, “Why should I spend $10.00 to watch this movie?”)

10. Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

In my opinion, this is an excellent movie by Terry Gilliam. Gilliam has adapted a wonderful story of a popular hero beyond life, an illusion of bright, rhythmic colors, and little patience with realism. Baron Munchausen is a true historical figure, although this story may be less invasive of physics. This movie us that if science can describe the world, only our imagination can understand it. That, Uma Thurman created a dreamy Venus, the goddess of love.

9. Blade Runner

Do you think you are too big for sci-fi action movies? Try this black movie to bring a unique color to modern cyberpunk novels. The “Blade Runner” is a highly-themed film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi thriller “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.” The big screen budget, as well as big names like Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, made the film popular, and its deeper questions about identity and humanity made it a movie that changed the audience.

8. Star Wars

Well, then the franchise of the film is exaggerated, so it is easy to be despised. Perhaps the last three movies have not met the expectations of fans. But this epic space fantasy is about the war against evil empire in distant galaxies. It is actually a window in George Lucas’s thoughts, where there is a lot to see. The underlying philosophy is a mixture of Eastern and Western religions and myths, and to a large extent there is a good dose of Karl Jung.

7. Aliens

Not all inspiration is bright and round. Some movies may be in the wrong place. The classic sci-fi horror film Alien is not just showing us that H.R.Giger’s monster design can’t come from a sound mind. They also remind us of things that make us afraid. Aliens study some of the most important human fears: isolation, darkness, spiders and distrust. Few horror movies concentrate.

6. Schindler’s list

This controversial film tells the work of German industrialists in Nazi Germany to save prisoners’ lives for concentration camps. This film shows us that Stephen Spielberg is not just about science fiction. He was criticized for being too sentimental, but whatever he did, he showed the audience that no matter what the social environment, some people would always fight to protect the weak.

5. Forest’s Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks’ performance as a stupid performer in Forest Gump is a humorous commentary, though harsh, but throughout the second half of the twentieth century. The involuntary participation of forests in events affecting modern history is inspiring in many ways, but more importantly, with the coming of governments and celebrities, it is important for the people.

4. Unbreakable

Too much to say about this movie is unfair to readers who have not seen it yet. This is the common theme of all Night Shyamalan movies. I just want to say that for the dark exploration of good and evil heroism and evil, pay attention to all those who have wanted to be the only ones who can make a difference, and show us that we are that person.

3. Matrix

This is another franchise that the advertising department exaggerated. However, the first film was one of the most incredible refusals in the history of film, and even more incredible is that shooting was not at the end of the film, but almost at the beginning. Distorting the reality of the reality of this film teaches us two things. First of all, ask for everything. Second, in some cases, Keanu Reeves can take action under controlled conditions.

2. Save Ryan Private

This film is one of the best examples of the current war movie movement, which directly deviates from the romantic film of ancient war glory. This frustrating and bloody story tells the story of a private soldier returning home from the Second World War battlefield, which enabled him to teach him a difficult lesson: war is always bad even if it is sometimes necessary. .

1. Apollo 13

Comb Can Tom Hanks/Stephen Spielberg’s movies be included in a single list? Obviously there is one more. This historic film tells of the failure and almost catastrophic image of the Apollo 13 moon, including the incredible moments of human courage and originality, and is even more impressive in the sense that they really happen. What we can learn from this movie is that no matter how bad the situation is, you can continue until you give up