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Roulette Rules and Agen Slot

For playing Roulette you need a wheel, a small ball and a table marked with separate boxes containing numbers from 0 to 36. All players’ place their bets on any particular number or a set of numbers on the table. When the bets have been completed, the wheel starts spinning and a small ball is released on to the wheel in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The winner is the player who had bet on the number in which the ball stopped.

Bet – Description:

Even Odd – Bet placed on fields «even» or «odd» and covers 18 numbers. Zero is not covered.

Red Black – Bet placed on fields «red» or «black» and covers 18 numbers. Zero is not covered.

High Low – Bet placed on fields «1-18″ or «19-36″ and covers 18 numbers.

Dozen – Bet placed on fields «1st 12″, «2nd 12″, or «3rd 12″ and covers 12 numbers

Column – Bet placed on field at the end of vertical column and covers all columns (12 numbers).Zero is not covered.

Six-Line – Bet placed on the end of line between two rows. Bet covers the 6 numbers in two adjacent rows.

Corner – Bet placed on the common point of four adjacent numbers and covers all of them.

Street – Bet placed on the end of row and covers this row (3 numbers).

Split – Bet placed between two numbers and covers them.

Straight – Bet placed on single number field and covers only one.

Gaming Jurisdictions

So just where do online agen slot gamblig games get played out on a person’s screen clearly but where is the screen information sent from. Well the majority of online gambling sites are hosted offhsore for tax reasons. We have done a quick rundown of the main locations or perhaps we should call them the most reputable locations.

Aldreney is the most accpetable and widely used of the gaming jurisdictions around. They have a variety of bandwidth suppliers and severe rules and regulations as regards software testing. There are no restrictions on where Alderney operators can take bets from.

Costa Rica is regarded as being slighlty questionable, there are no software testing requirements for example. As regards bandwidth operators have to deal with a state monopoly.

Gibraltar is on the Uk white list as per Alderney, its another ginat in terms of the amount of market share it has gathered.

Isle of Man is on the UK white list – respectable perhaps too severe in its application of a regulated approach meant that it was prohibative to work from this territory when they legalised online gaming some years ago.

Kahnawake is an Indian reservation in Canada – due to the rights in the states for Indian tribes to use gaming to ensure the continuation of their traditions etc this is how the Mohawkes operate a massive server centre. They are not part of the UK white list and suffered some loss of business as a result.

Malta as its in the EU has been growing dramatically. This could become the biggest of the lot in time.

Netherland Antilles despuite the name quite a stand up location with some good regulations.

Panama sketchy details on this location only but regulations appear to be very light weight.

Tasmania as one would expect is heavily regulated.

United Kingdom the death knell for the UK was the decsion to charge heavily on taxes. Making the comparison between this location and Gibraltar and Alderney worthless. Most major high street brands have lept their web sites off shore as a result.