IRC/rgp: Sihoki Slot Nerd Brain TrustThe stereotype of today’s hot player is an undereducated

Sihoki Slot, twenty-something year old, white male; weaned on televised poker and the current incarnation of internet play. But for those paying attention, today’s successful tournament players would more likely be cast in The Revenge of the Nerds than Top Gun.

Long before the sexy graphics and fish laden vestiges of today’s online poker sites, there was IRC poker. The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server, developed by Greg Reynolds, Greg Mummert and other Usenet (rgp) enthusiasts, hosted some of the toughest online tournament competition ever collected. It has, in no small way, served as poker’s brain trust. The brain trust is embodied by a lunatic nerd fringe of poker players that live in a subculture defined by their IRC participation, the early days of rgp, the now traditional live rgp tournament events, such as BARGE (Big August Rec.Gambling Excursion), and too many college degrees for their own good.

It seems like every year at the WSOP, this brain trust continues to perform. And this year is no different. Bill Chen (pictured above) has a PhD in mathematics and his book, The Mathematics of Poker, should be released any day. But perhaps of more interest to readers is his outstanding performance in the 2006 WSOP. Chen has won two WSOP bracelets and has cashed in three other WSOP events so far this year. And right now he’s sitting with a stack in Day Two of another WSOP $1500 event. [Note: Chen finished 7th in this event for yet another cash]

Read more about the lovable nerd pack, including former WSOP Champions.

Event #43 Day Two

We are down to just 13 players in Event #43 and there are some “names” still in the running.

William Chen, already a two bracelet winner this year.

Tom McEvoy, the 1983 WSOP Champ.

JC Tran, Randy Holland and Bob Feduniak.

Here are the lineups at the final two tables.

85 1 Jonathan Caplan London, UK 40,600

85 2 Bill Chen Lafayette Hill, PA 47,200

85 3 Kevin Koch Poughquag, NY 37,800

85 4 Can Hua Rosemead, CA 79,700

85 5 Stephen Stockton Roseburg, OR 23,800

85 6 Marc Naalden Antwerpen, Netherlands 64,500

84 1 Joel Devries Columbia 90,900

84 2 Juan Carlos Alvarado McAllen, TX 37,700

84 3 Kevin Nathan Roseville 47,100

84 4 Tom McEvoy Las Vegas 21,500

84 5 Randy Holland Winnetka, CA 36,500

84 6 JC Tran Sacramento, CA 91,200

84 7 Bob Feduniak Las Vegas, NV 15,500

In the money list below:

Event #42 Final Results

1. Jim Mitchell Newport Beach, CA $153,173 + WSOP bracelet

2. Stuart Fox Birmingham, UK $79,061

3. Oter Stevn Israel $39,530

4. Todd Witteles Las Vegas, NV $34,589

5. Andrew Dean The Woodlands $29,648

6. Robert Wing Jacksonville Beach, FL $24,707

7. Koble West Deptford, NJ $19,765

8. Terry Leger Vancouver, BC $14,824

9. Mark Mccluskey London, England $9,883

10. Eric Seiz Springfield, IL $5,930