Diamond Painting Questions – Most Common Questions

You have questions about diamond painting and we have answers. Hopefully, yours is covered here. Before you send us an email, read through this FAQ to see if we already discussed and answered your question for you!

Is diamond painting fun?

Oh, yeah, it is so much fun! This is a hobby that is getting really popular lately, and more and more people are discovering it every day. What makes it so fun is how simple it makes art for people who may not be very experienced at creating art on their own. People who haven’t given the hobby a try maybe asking is diamond painting fun, and they are going to be blown away by their experience with it.

Which part of the hobby is the most fun? Some people really enjoy just picking out the painting to do in the first place. Others love applying the diamond drills over time and how relaxing that process is. And there are some who get the most enjoyment out of seeing their finished painting and then displaying it for all to see.

How to use diamond painting pen?

The pen may seem kind of strange to use at first. It’s not like traditional illustration where you switch from one tool to the next to get your lines and colors just the way you want them. It’s a bit more like paint by numbers, where you use the same tool and just apply your colors. In this case, though, the diamond drills are your colors. More about Diamond Painting

You dip the end of the pen into the wax and then pick up the diamond drills, carrying them over to the canvas and placing them in their assigned spots. It’s as simple as that, so even though the process might seem a bit odd and unfamiliar, it is one that you will get used to quickly.

Most pens will pick up one diamond at a time, but some of them are designed to pick up three or fine at once, making the process of adding diamonds to a painting much faster. Only use that kind of pen if you are an expert, though. How to use a diamond painting pen that handles more than one diamond drill at a time? It takes just the right amount of pressure and steady hands. No need to worry about the learning curve; you will get the hang of it in time.

How hard is diamond painting?

This is one of the diamond painting questions we get often, because a lot of people are not sure if they want to try a new hobby like this and may be wondering how much work they have to do to get good at it. The good news is that anyone can pick up diamond painting right away. It’s designed to be simple and accessible. While you may not know exactly what to do when you get your diamond painting in the mail or buy it in a store, the instructions included in the package will explain the process to you.

If you are concerned about how hard diamond painting is, you should start with a small painting. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed at first. It will be manageable for you, and you can complete the canvas before you get frustrated with how long it is taking you.

The process of picking up diamonds and applying them to the canvas will be slow at first, even if you are excited about adding vibrant, shiny colors to the painting. Over time, though, it will become easier and faster, and you will speed through the painting process to make your masterpieces very quickly.

Do diamond painting kits come with extra diamonds?

Most of the time, your kit will come with some extra diamonds. You will have more than you need for a few reasons. The obvious reason is because sometimes the diamonds get lost. They are very small, so it’s easy to lose them if they drop on the floor or fall out of the bags. You might see them roll under a piece of furniture and not feel like chasing them down.

So, a few extras are often provided for your convenience. If you lose a few, it’s no big deal, because you can just grab from the extras.

The other reason that diamond painting kit manufacturers will often include a few extra diamonds is because some people like to change up the colors they use on their paintings. Each canvas has marked spots where the diamonds of each color are supposed to be placed, but if you want to deviate from that and place some different colors in spots that you pick, then you can do that.

Having a few extra diamonds in the bags gives you freedom to express yourself better and make your own unique version of the painting. That way, yours doesn’t look like anyone else’s!