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Increasingly more Memphians are passing up the American Dream, particularly in case you think homeownership a part of the fantasy. Wall Street businesses sucking out wealth and access to upward mobility, especially in communities — are sucking up homes in struggling areas also — in doing so. Some experts with this emergency call these businesses”vultures,” stating they utilize tactics like the mafia. Across the nation, they’re scooping up homes in areas — sometimes by the hundreds — moving on, leaving the empty cubes wringing what profits they can from them. Evictions are sometimes used by these companies as a means to get back rent, as well as levying fees and fines on renters, a strategy designed to push profits higher.

Memphis is the poster child for this, although it’s a national issue. 65 percent of Memphis’ houses were leased. That rate is a significant statistic, provided that over three-quarters of the housing inventory of this city is comprised of single-family dwellings. Massive corporations and investor groups own 95,604 of these properties; greater than 40% of these owners are from out of Tennessee. It’s probably reasonable to free search for rent to own homes in Michigan say they do not possess the city — or their particular renters’ interests in mind. Austin Harrison, a researcher in a housing adviser and Georgia State University, during a current occasion in Memphis. Say the issue runs deeper than property. It extends down to poverty, and frequently cited as the town’s biggest scourge. If African Americans can’t build wealth through homeownership in a city, specialists inquire, can we beat poverty here?

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